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tv   Today  NBC  September 6, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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back with more of "today" on this monday morning, labor day, september 6th, 2010. a beautiful day on this holiday and this lucky crowd just got treated to a great show from that young lady there, 17-year-old miranda cosgrove, meeting and greeting some of her fans and she's gng to have one more song for us coming up a little bit later on. and coming up here, thanks to the band, guys. you were great, too. thank you. and still to come i'm natalie morales along with lester holt. if you're looking for an easy way perhaps to earn extra cash,
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nowadays you can actually point, click, and earn. we're going to check out five different ways to make money online, making the most of your hobbies to offering you advice for extra keys. how to do it and what to look out for before you do it. a lot of pitfalls. the school year is getting under way. we have some advice to help the kids avoid some of the nasty germs. they're going to get sick. it's inevitable. to lessen the odds, some surprising places those nasty critters could be hiding. >> back to school, here we go. back to the germs. before we get to all of that, let's go inside one more time and get a check of your top stories from amy robach who is in for ann. good morning again, amy. good morning, lester and natalie. good morning, everyone. president obama is going to call today for new investments into the roads, railways and airports. the president will discuss his infrastructure proposal at an event in milwaukee marking labor day. the six-year plan which would cost at least $50 billion is another effort to get more people back to work ahead of the
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critical moef elections. investigators looking into what went wrong in the gulf of mexico oil spill are a step closer to answers. they've retrieved the 300-ton blow-out preventer that should have sealed off the flow of oil after the deepwater horizon rig exploded last april. fbi agents escorted it to a nasa facility where investigators will analyze why it failed. bp is proceeding this week with the relief well designed to intersect the blown well so it can be permanently capped. building inspectors in philadelphia are trying to figure out what caused a backyard deck to collapse during a holiday weekend party. seven people were hurt when that deck fell onto nearby cars. police in los angeles county are pressing their certificate. for the gunman who opened fire at a weekend house party. a teenage girl were killed and six others wounded. nato says an american service member was killed in afghanistan sunday, the fifth u.s. combat fatality in the past week. this year is already the
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deadliest for american forces since the 2001 invasion. and there is no letup to the latest wave of terror in pakistan. a key u.s. ally is dealing with massive flooding. this morning a taliban suicide bomber rammed a car into a police station killing at least 19 people including two children. u.s. troops in iraq were drawn into a firefight sunday for the first time since their official combat role ended last month. american forces provided covering fire for iraqi soldiers during a battle that claimed 12 lives. the u.s. military says no americans were injured. today is the national day of mourning in guatemala after more than a dozen landslides killed at least 38 people over the weekend and left many more missing. rescuers were able to dig out several survivors before continued bad weather forced authorities to suspend rescue effor efforts. more evacuations were ordered in christchurch, new zealand where hundreds of buildings were destroyed.
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despite the heavy property damage, there was no loss of life. a state of emergency has been extended until wednesday for ruined homes and businesses can be safely demolished. george clooney is the american was a crack shot at the box office this weekend. the drama about a globetrotting assassin grossed an estimated $13 million to finish first. last week's "takers" took second place with "machete" in third. back to lester and natalie in the crowd. did you ladies like the concert? >> yes. >> have you met her yet? >> not yet. >> not yet? we'll try to swing her over here your way. >> thank you. >> let's get another check of the weather right now. stephanie abrams is just over there in the crowd. >> yes, we are state side. what was it like being that close to miranda? >> awesome! >> well, unfortunately, not so awesome weather in the tropics. we need to talk about a new tropical storm, hermine, that is going to bring lots of moisture into texas. the bad news the tropical storm is heading to brownsville.
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the good news texas could actually use some of this rain. it looks like it will last there all weeklong. how much rain? very heavy amounts as we look down towards mexico and also into brownsville. otherwise severe weather in the >> cool and dry this morning. the rain to our northwest, and great weather for a labor day picnic. a lot of sunshine. amy, back to you. >> stephanie, thanks. this morning on "today's money" how to rake in the bucks on line. from offering advice to on-call
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nursing it can can be as simple as turning on your computer and surfing the web. the editor in chief of "women's day" magazine has some practical advice in its latest issue. good morning. >> good morning. >> so we've all heard about youtube sensations where they make it big, from how-to videos or random talent show acts become instantly famous. the internet is providing more and more opportunities for people to work online, people looking for ways to make profit without having to leave home, sta stay-at-home moms. >> and you can do it on your own time. so huge growth. i get a ton of letters for people asking for this kind of information which is where the story came from and irony on labor day when we're all thinking about getting back to work tomorrow. but starting off with crafts. there are a lot of people out there if you're a candle maker, if you're a quilter, there are so many sites you can go to to sell your wares. fc is one of our favorites. for 20 cents you get to list the item. you get to list it for four months. when the item sells you pay 3.5%
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commission. then there's another site,, it's totally free. you need at least 30 items to open up an online store there. and there's also which is also great. that site is wonderful because it links to a lot of different -- you can link into your blog, you can link it to fc so you can develop. a site like that offers you a lot of marketing and a lot of merchandising online tutorials so they are helping you. >> from making crafts to just using your talent, whatever that may be, there is a website for you. >> i love this site, basically for $5 you can list -- you can get paid to do any number of things like leaving a crazy message on an answering machine. it's a great place if you're a poet and good at poetry. somebody can pay you $5. $4 you get to keep. $1 goes to the site. >> that's fair. >> really fun. >> one on a more serious tone, though, what about on-call nursing online. >> it's huge. if you think about it when you call your doctor's office on off
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hours especially pediatricians, nine times out of ten the person you're going to get is going to be probably from a company like phone you need three years' clinical experience. these sites are serious. you really need the credentials. you need to be licensed in the area which you're receiving the call but you can make up to $27 an hour and these companies offer benefits, so they're real jobs. >> wow. that's fan ttastic. >> and for the writers out there, there are opportunities about writing, editing, and proof read iing online. >> if you think about the amount of content, all of these websites are getting their content from somewhere. so associated is one of them. they're paying you for $15 to $100 to write an article and then on top of that if your article gets picked up even if it's a video on youtube, you can earn money, $1.50 for every 1,000 impressions. so you really can make money that way. >> the next one is unique about
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giving advice. you can make money giving advice online? >> just the experts are hard core. if you are an expert in mechanics or financial services, a lawyer, you can list your services. you can be an expert for them. somebody writes in a question and says how much they're willing to pay, you get matched up and then the person who has to pay a percentage back to the >> you can't give relation advice or something, you need to be a professional -- >> you really do. i will tell you the questioning and the things you have to go through to be an expert are quite rigorous. so really, i mean, if you have any expertise whether it be medical, like we said, there is a place for you. >> it's nice for people who have retired, perhaps, and have that expertise that are not going out in the workforce and using it. they can get mobby from home. >> or if you have been laid off, this is a great place to go. >> all right. let's talk about providing customer service. people should do this you say at their own risk, though?
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>> these are legitimate companies that are offering -- when you call a catalog nine times out of ten you are going to be talking to someone from one of these companies,, they really go through -- you go through training. this is a real job. >> customer service is tough because when people are calling, they're usually upset about something. >> not only do you have to have great phone skills but you have to be very adept at your computer because you might have five windows open at a time. really when you go to these websites and you want to check out and you're doing your research about working for one of these companies, they're all very clear about what the requirements are. just go in, there are career opportunities and you can find out what criteria you meet. >> and it's interesting because you mentioned this on one of the sites but a lot of these websites or online gigs provide fous 401(k) or health insurance. >> these are real, real companies is a great one. it's based out of texas. they offer a lot of customer support. they will give you everything that you just named and you can
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work 20 to 40 hours. some of these companies, the other thing is you could work 24 hours if you want to. live ops, for example, you could be working days and nights straight through. >> and you want to make sure the companies you're choosing to work for, that you're looking for employment from are legit. there are scams out there online. >> there are scams and we did a list of them in the magazine. i know you can get them online as well. i think they will be linked to your website. there are scams that you want to -- repeated language over and over. >> is there something to look for? >> we did a listing of them. if it's like typing from home and you have to actually pay to get the information, that is not a good thing. you are not pay to go get one of these jobs. they should be paying you. >> good job. we appreciate the advice. great tips. and there is more information as eliz bit pointed out on coming up, bullying. school bullies are more than an annoyance these days. in massachusetts authorities say one teen was bullied to death. we'll tell you what's being done. but up next where the germy things are. a warning for parents about
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that's the beauty of benefiber. this morning on "today's family" where the germy things are. school is back in session and kids are touching and playing with just about everything they can get their hands on. you may not know some of the secret hot beds for germs. with the surprisingly germy places is i-village pregnancy and parenting center.
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good morning. so school is one of the germ nest places there is out there. so before we get our kids out the door, what are some things to remind them to do while they're at school? >> it's really basic common sense. you want them to watch their hands at least 15 to 30 seconds. we like to say to have them kind of sing happy birthday for the duration so they know how long that is. >> wise. i heard sing it twice through? >> or once slowly. it depends. teach them not to take their hands and put them in their mouths or rub their eyes, that kind of a thing. and use an anti-bacterial -- >> send them off with one of those. >> exactly and you can attach to their backpacks with these little sticky things so they don't have to dig in their backpack to find it. honestly know kids get sick. they're going to get colds. school-aged kids get up to 12 colds a year. you want to protect them as much as you can but don't worry if your kid gets the sniffles. >> other places and you need to be cleaning and talking about it, lunch boxes. why are they so germy? >> you're taking your kid's --
9:17 am
there's sandwiches, little crumbs gets caught in the crevic crevices. be vigilant about cleaning it, putting it in the dishwasher, the washing machine every night or if you're lazy like i am and have multiple in your house, have one in the cabinet, one in the dishwasher and one in your kid's backpack and rotate them through. >> do they get cleaned most often? >> a lot of schools don't have the budgets to disinfect the way you'd like. protect your kid by sending them to school with whatever personal accessory or instrument that you can. >> you must have good kids, though, they really listen to you. >> i try, right? get them guitar picks. recorders are cheap. you can buy your own recorder and anything that they're going to be putting their mouths on you don't want them sharing. >> now computers, of course, are tools that kids are using every day in the classroom and they put their hands on their mouth but i imagine that's another hotbed right there.
9:18 am
>> think about the sick kid, wiping his nose, clicking, wiping his nose, then that kid goes to math class and your kid sits down to that same computer touching and clicking away. train your kids between classes to use that hand sanitizer, get them in the habit of using that. >> another place i didn't suspect were library books. who knew? >> yeah, library books, think about how they're stored really close together especially with little kids, there's lots of handling when it comes to library books. if they're kept in a humid area there could be a little bit of mold developing. not a huge risk but all the same mom and dad even at night you might want to wash your hands before and after reading the books to your kids. >> now moving on outside of the classroom and actual ly when you're going to the grocery store these reusable shopping bags that we all think are great for the environment but they also can be pretty germy, right? >> and they are great for the environment. you want to make sure you're keeping them clean. think about all the things in your own life that you throw in that thing, right? it's like produce from the
9:19 am
grocery store. it's your gym clothes, maybe your kids' toys, all of that stuff leaves residue in the bag. we just don't clean these things as much as we should. throw them in the washing machine. use bleach if you can and get them clean. >> we all have kids who, of course, wander the grocery aisles and there's another area you should be careful about. why is that? >> grocery store floor especially can be a pretty icky place. people who are kind of walking through the store are tracking raw food and raw produce on the bottoms of their shoes into the cereal aisle, into the toy aisle, where your kid is melting down and writhing on the floor. >> that would be my kid. >> my kid, too. so if you just don't have them touch the floor. if they are melting down, get their hands it shall. >> we tell our kids to wash their hands as part of the protocol. if they're washing with a cold water faucet, the cold water, too, the faucet has germs on it. >> we think about the toilet seat as being the icky place in the bathroom. think about what happens right after you leave the stall.
9:20 am
you go -- the first thing you touch are those knobs, right? so after you've taught your kid to wash their hands 15 to 30 seconds, take a paper towel -- some of them have the auto shutoff which are great. take the paper towel and really shut that faucet off with the paper towel in your hand. >> when they are sick with their about 12 colds, you take them to the doctor's office. the doctor's office is one of those places, too. >> it sure is. >> sick kids go to the doctor's office. two things you really want to do. if your kid is there for a well visit or even not, keep your kid away from anybody who is kind of coughing or has any visible rashes, that kind of a thing. also, those toys in that doctor's office are covered. don't let your kids play with the toys or the puzzles or the magazines because those really aren't wiped down as much. keep your own stash in your purse or in your bag and bring your own toys so your kids can play and keep them on your lap
9:21 am
until it's your time to see the doctor. >> i thought those toys took the sting out of going to the doctor's office but not if they're going to end up getting sick. great information. thanks so much. and for more information as always go to and coming up still, we welcome the newest member to the joy fit club who went from a pants size 30 to a size 6. that's unbelievable. she will share her secret to losing 150 pounds and how she kept it all off. plus, one more song from "icarly" star miranda cosgrove. [ male announcer ] this is america.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> pleasant morning this morning. at low humidity. here is what the map looks like by evening. warm and more human conditions move in tomorrow. today, mostly sunny skies, pleasant, 81 to 85. pleasant, 81 to 85.
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9:30 am
i would come down, the first thing is open the bundle and then fold them by opening a section and folding the other section into it and then slamming it down. >> times are hard. now you know why i'm here. matt is not here today. he's had to move on. that's mr. matt lauer on his paper route. i guess he didn't have enough to do here. matt, meredith, al, ann and natalie are all trying their hands at their first-ever jobs all had week on "today." natalie, what did you do? >> i worked at a pet store before going off to college. i wanted to be a veterinarian. i thought let me go and make
9:31 am
sure i love this and am passionate about it. >> you learned about the body functions. >> i learned about cleaning cages. >> and learned you didn't want to be a veterinarian. >> i got to play with the puppies and here i went to a petco and got to play with their pets. it was quite fun. i had a lot of things stuck in my hair at the end of the day. >> i can think of worst first jo jobs. >> it was actually great. >> we're looking forward to this series coming up. >> on a much more serious note coming up, school bullies. with the death of teenager phoebe prince this year, allegedly bullied to death, educators are starting to take mean girls and mean boys a whole lot more seriously. we're going to tell you what's going on in the schools. that's an important message. on a lighter note, how to make a show stopping, end of the summer meal, featuring a fresh lobster roll. how can you go wrong? >> wake up your teenyboppers. one more song from 17-year-old "icarly" star miranda cosgrove who has been rocking the joint this morning.
9:32 am
fun to have her around. but before we get to all of it, another check of the weather from the weather channel's stephanie abrams. >> amazing out today, right, guys? >> perfect. can you keep it going? >> yes, actually i can. just for you, natalie. we're also going to see very pleasant weather in the south. look at atlanta, only 87. severe weather. that whole system basically shifts eastbound into tomorrow but it will be warm and sunny up and down i-95 corridor. >> high pressure over us should keep us dry, with all the rain to the north and northwest. plenty of sunshine. i can't believe 50s and 60s for highs in the northern
9:33 am
plains. >> summer is officially over. >> true. it's labor day. >> thank you, stephanie. up next the rise in school bullies and what is being done to stop them.
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with kids starting school this week, some leading educators have been focusing on what used to be thought of as just a playground problem, school bullying. not anymore. today's cyber bullying, verbal and even physical harassment appear to be on an upswing turning school in a place of it terror. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: it was last january's suicide of 15-year-old phoebe prince in massachusetts that many believe was the ultimate example of school bullying. having just emigrated from ireland, phoebe killed herself after allegedly being tormented for months by six fellow students who are now facing felony charges. >> called her names, followed her home, smart remarks, dirty looks. >> reporter: across the country, principals, teachers, and psychologists say something's changed in america's schools. >> the prevalence of abuse of children and other children is getting worse.
9:38 am
>> reporter: the department of education agrees. recently in washington it gathered the first national school bullying summit. >> i have to tell you i have very little patience with the arguments kids will be kids and there's not much schools can do to make their environment safer. >> reporter: the government reports nearly one out of three students in middle school and high school reported being bullied during the 2007 school year. one out of nine high schoolers, 2.8 million students, said they've been physically abused or spat on during the last year. and 900,000 reported being cyber bullied. 11-year-old stokes got so fed up with being bullied in her philadelphia school, she wrote president obama asking for his help. >> it's very hard to be a kid because, like, when you know you're going to school, you're trying to get your education and you still have to worry about, oh, i have to run from this boy because he's going to keep on calling me names. >> reporter: she has now started her own no bullying campaign hoping it will catch on
9:39 am
nationwide. the reasons for the increase in bullying are many, a more crass, less polite society, meanness on telemaco he vision and increased tension at home. phil says it's virtually impossible for any child to thrive in a school when they feel threatened. >> it's not so easy to shrug off insults and it's impossible to shrug off physical violence. >> reporter: all the more republic, say educators, the time is now to adopt a zero tolerance policy on bullies. for "today," tom koss it tell l costello, nbc news, washington. >> the perfect end of the summer meal, lobster rolls. [ woman ] i had this deep, radiating pain everywhere... and i wondered what it was. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
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in chocolate and now original flavor. they're an excellent source of fiber packed in a smaller size. oh, it's original little bite. we're off to practice keeping 'em full and focused. yeah, we've got big shoes to fill. this morning in "today's kitchen" lobster rolls. the executive chef for the usta national tennis center
9:44 am
overseeing all the menus and fans for the u.s. open is under way here in new york. it's busy these days running five restaurants, 60 concession stands and 100 suites at the tournament. michael, good morning. i'm exhausted just listing that whole resume. wow. >> yeah. >> i know we're making lobster rolls but i want to talk first about what it's like to do all of those things, to make all of this food for all of these people. what do tennis stars really like to eat? >> just for the tennis stars, they have their own dining room and it's set up in a series of stations. pastas, lean protein, brown rice, smoothies, omelets in the movie. >> dessert -- do they like dessert? >> sushi is big. we added that this year. >> it's all very diet friendly, they have to keep their physiques. >> and they have a lot of different ways they eat, too, so we break it into stations they can pick and choose what they like to eat. >> pretty impressive. our lobster rolls today. this is a signature dish at the open? correct?
9:45 am
>> we serve this in suites and in food village so it's served in a lot of areas. it's been there since i've been a kid going to the event. born and raised on long island it's a signature dish of the event and it's near and dear to me. >> i think a lot of people might like to get it when they go to a restaurant but don't think they can can do it at home. you're here to tell them they can. >> it's really easy. we'll show you how and we have a view variations that would work well. >> let's start. >> do you want to help me with the mayonnaise? we have garlic and i'll add the cayenne. a little garlic, lemon zest. >> is this part of -- i heard there's a lemonioli. >> i put in the cayenne pepper. >> but just a pinch. and this you just do at home very easily and you mix it all up. >> and add it to the lobster. i'll season it. >> and you just boil the lobster and cut it up. >> cook it for about 12 minutes. it might be something, too, people might be intimidated
9:46 am
about. you can get it in the seafood shop or a store cooked already. >> that's easy, then you don't have to boil them. >> you boil them for 12 minutes and let them cool. >> cool. you add it in? >> yep. about half that. >> okay. all right. here we go. so far this looks pretty easy if you can get the lobster already cooked. i'm liking that. >> you keep everything really, really cold. >> okay. >> add a little bit of celery. >> yum. >> tarragon. >> a little pinch? >> and a little extra flavor. like licorice. >> it does smell like that. >> a little chopped romaine to give it a little crunch. >> these buns you toast them in butter. >> clarified butter -- >> what's that? >> clarified butter is where you simmer the butter and it removes the milk solid so it's almost like oil so it won't burn. at home you can do whole butter, too. >> okay. that's great. lots of mayonnaise.
9:47 am
you have to like mayonnaise, right? >> and you'll see there's a little trick with the crab roll so it's not so heavy. >> as you mentioned you have a couple other varieties. if you're not a lobster fan you have the shrimp roll. >> we use the same base. the basics of lobster roll are mayonnaise, shellfish and a soft bun. so this one we added a little safronioli. like a bouillabaise. we have more celery and tarragon. >> same thing, just throw it on a roll. what kind of roll? they are like little pieces of bread. >> they make them and a lot of kids eat them, too. >> put a hot dog in that one, too. i like it. >> again, this is fennel. so that's common. >> all right. >> and a little bit of saffron in there. this is to show a little
9:48 am
variation. there's no rules with this stuff. it's whatever you like. >> and then you have a crab roll and you have a cilantro mint. >> this one we had fun with. so we have the one that is not as heavy because it's half mayonnaise, half sour cream. >> okay. i love the color. >> and then we jazz it up a little bit with some avocado, shaved radish. >> okay. >> and a little bit of micro greens. >> they look like little clovers. which is your favorite? >> this one is. this is created just for the show and people at home just so we can show -- >> speaking of favorites, do you have a favorite to win the u.s. open? >> unfortunately my favorite lost already, roddick. roddick is out already. >> too bad. >> i'll pick another one as we get closer. >> thanks for sharing your u.s. open secrets. it looks fantastic. i'm sure everyone will be flooding the kitchen. >> we have plenty for everybody. coming up next, teen pop sensation miranda cosgrove has one more song out on the plaza.
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coming up, hoda and kathie lee look at the dating lives of the stars. do they have a harder time finding love? a woman who dropped 150 pounds shares the secrets of her success. but first, one more song, we know you've been waiting for it from miranda cosgrove in concert. ♪ never thought i'd fall in love now i stand corrected ♪ ♪ never thought i'd feel what i feel never been so affected ♪ ♪ now i know what i know ♪ but right now it seems so
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subjective ♪ ♪ you surprised me hypnotized me ♪ ♪ found my weakness then you creeped in bam ♪ ♪ took my heart then, bam ♪ oh, you started to make my whole world just explode ♪ ♪ bam, my life has changed ♪ bam, can't concentrate ♪ bam, i was okay until we met that day then ♪ ♪ bam, i am obsessed ♪ bam, can't get nowhere ♪ bam, ever since we met i think i know what love is, bam ♪ ♪ i felt so secure with these walls around me ♪ ♪ boys would take me out but bring me back where they found me ♪ ♪ and there's no harm, no foul ♪ 'cause they never got a chance to know me ♪
9:53 am
♪ you surprised me hypnotized me ♪ ♪ found my weakness then you creeped in bam ♪ ♪ took my heart then bam ♪ oh, you started to make my whole world just explode ♪ ♪ bam, my life has changed ♪ bam, can't concentrate ♪ bam, i was okay ♪ until we met that day then ♪ bam, i am obsessed ♪ bam, can't get no rest ♪ bam, ever since we met i think i know what love is ♪ ♪ and if i had to walk a million miles to find your smile i would ♪ ♪ you know i would, babe ♪ and if you took a trip to costa rica and told me to meet you, i would ♪ ♪ bam, my life has changed ♪ bam, can't concentrate ♪ bam, i was okay million we met that day then ♪
9:54 am
♪ bam, i am obsessed ♪ bam, can't get no rest ♪ bam, ever since we met i think i know what love is ♪ ♪ you surprised me, hypnotized me ♪ ♪ found my weakness then you creeped in, bam ♪ ♪ took my heart then bam ♪ oh, you started to make my whole world just explode ♪ ♪ bam thank you.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal-tv 11 news update. >> here is the way labor day shapes up. a lot of sunshine, just a scattering of clouds here and
9:58 am
there. high temperatures today just breaking into the 80's with a high. for ocean city, those of you try to extend your holiday just a bit, r
9:59 am